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Company Profile

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Sinocax Information Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in a high-tech software technology company, the company's business scope includes:
  1, Provide static code scanning overall solution and service and implementation
  2, provide domestic and international software automation test tools products, such as performance testing Loadrunner, functional testing UFT (QTP), security testing Fortify / Webinspect, etc.
  3, Provide domestic and international mobile App software automation testing tools products, such as MobileCenter.
  4, Provide the world's leading EDR solutions, security consulting services and technical support services
   Company's existing doctorate or master's degrees as the backbone, and has many years of professional software testing and development background and rich experience in the project team, also hired experienced professors and experts as consultants, to provide our clients with the best solutions and high-quality technology service. The company has consistently adhered to provide customers with "new technology and high quality services," the purpose of China's enterprises, research institutes and universities have introduced a large number of integrated hardware and software products and provide a satisfactory service, has won wide acclaim and good Reputation. So far, the company's business has been in telecommunications, finance, education, automotive, research institutes, power, electronics, transportation and other industries. The company is determined to become a business in the product development process to provide advanced hardware and software products and high value-added engineering consulting services to strategic partners and suppliers.
The company is committed to providing enterprise customers a one-stop enterprise software procurement, enterprise information infrastructure, information security, digital design and information technology education and training solutions. On this basis, Sinocax Information Technology also provides customers with professional and reliable planning and design, implementation of deployment, operation and maintenance, upgrade and migration and other information technology services. Helps customers build and optimize information systems to ensure their continued reliability and productivity, and enhance the value of their information systems, thereby saving customers time, money and costs, improving quality and innovation for customers to gain faster market competition Advantage is the consistent aim of Sinocax Information Technology.
       Currently, Sinocax Information Technology has achieved a full range of close cooperation with many well-known software manufacturers at home and abroad. With rich software product lines and solutions, Sinocax Information Technology has become a leading supplier of software solutions, services and training in China. It is also one of the world's largest software vendors such as HPE's largest partner in the country.
       Sinocax Information Technology adhering to the "customer-centric" business philosophy, constantly enrich the product line and improve service capabilities at the same time, has been actively expanding the region in order to provide customers with better local services.



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