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Software testing consulting

Software testing consulting

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(Summary description)

Software testing consulting

(Summary description)

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Your challenge
        Today’s enterprises face three different challenges in software testing:
        1. Business challenges-software defects and downtime have a direct impact on the business. Since it accounts for 60% to 80% of project costs, it is challenging to manage and control test costs.
        2. Technical Challenges—As related applications and technical difficulties increase, software testing becomes more and more complex. People generally lack test expertise and tool use knowledge.
        3. Customer expectations-customers have greater and greater expectations for quality. Meeting application quality goals is becoming a challenge for enterprises.
        Therefore, it is necessary to perform comprehensive end-to-end testing throughout the development cycle.
Satisfy your needs
        With our structured methods, testing methods, skills and experience, Wax Software Testing Center helps our customers create value through testing services:
       ·Functional Testing Service
       ·Performance Testing Service
       ·Test Automation Service
       ·Software testing consulting services
Functional testing service
        At Wakes Software Testing Center, our focus is to meet the business needs of our customers. We verify the functions of data input, operation and output to ensure the normal operation of the system. We provide three different forms of functional testing:
        1. Functional testing-we conduct functional level testing and business process testing to verify the expected functional requirements.
        2. Regression testing-we retest the improved system to ensure that the new changes will not affect the original functions.
        3. Automated testing-We use testing tools to perform automated testing to reduce repetitive execution of work (recommended for large-scale and repeated regression testing).
Performance testing service
       The Walks Software Testing Center helps customers solve performance-related problems in the IT system, avoid system downtime, give users a positive system experience, and provide reliable and continuous service standards.
       We provide three different performance tests:
       1. Load test-We verify that the system can meet the performance requirements specified by the target load user.
       2. Stress test-we verify the system performance under conditions exceeding the expected load.
       3. Endurance test-We verify the performance and reliability of the system within the duration.
Test Automation Service
      By using tools to automate repetitive tests, Walkers Software Testing Center helps customers reduce test cycle time and improve test efficiency. We provide comprehensive service planning and execution of automated test scripts. We use parameterized test scripts and multiple sets of test data to drive and automate functional tests in the application.
Software Testing Consulting Service
        We provide software testing consulting services in the planning and management of application testing strategies, covering areas including: testing schedule and resources, risk analysis and test case priority, execution testing level, testing phase, testing goals, etc.
        We also provide a series of training courses to meet the needs of companies for effective software testing and quality assurance.
Our experience
        Walkers Software Testing Center Testing Center provides tools and testers to meet customers' challenges while bringing the following advantages:
        1. Fair evaluation to ensure software quality.
        2. End-to-end integrated test solutions and services from test planning, test design, test execution to test report.
        3. Recognized and reliable testing process.
        4. Consistent structured test method to ensure that the test is not affected by existing or new systems.
 We can solve it for you
        How to form a software testing team?
        How should software development engineers and test engineers collaborate?
        What kind of requirements document can effectively guide test design?
        How to carry out software testing without requirements documents?
        After the product goes live, how many remaining bugs are reasonable?
        How to ensure the adequacy of test case design?
        How to ensure the integrity of software testing?
        How to carry out efficient software unit testing?
        How to manage the testing process?
        How to successfully implement automated testing?
        How to effectively perform performance testing?
        How to motivate testers?
       For a long time, the team building and ability improvement of the test department have been two difficulties facing enterprises. In order to better help enterprises to complete the heavy test tasks, Wax provides software testing consulting services for various special test related issues such as test team building, test process optimization, test analysis, test design, automated testing, performance testing, etc. , Combined with Wax’s corporate training services, to provide enterprises with comprehensive software testing solutions.

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